About the Mills

Front view of the mill buildingBallyminane Mills is an authentic water-powered mill and is located in Ballindaggin, just outside Enniscorthy in Co. Wexford, Ireland.

The mills comprise of an authentic water-powered grain and sawmill, fed by the River Urrin.


Owned by the Murphy family for almost 200 years, Ballyminane Mills was built around 1790. Ballyminane Mills was one of several local mills fed by the River Urrin, including the Davis Flour Mills in Enniscorthy.

view inside the sawmill

Inside the Ballyminane saw mill

The mill was originally used as a or flax mill or ‘scutching’ mill. Like many other mills at the time, it was turned over for corn production in the 1830’s.

Around this time, a second water wheel was installed to drive a sawmill. Over the years, the timber wheels have fallen into disrepair and have both been replaced.

Both the sawmill and the grain mill are currently operational.

The saw mill is powered by a water turbine, installed in 1949 to replace the old timber wheel. The grain mill was fitted with a new cast iron wheel in 1962 and is currently used to grind locally produced wheat.

Milling Process

Ballyminane grain mill uses a traditional water wheel to power its operations. Water from the Urrin River is channelled into the mill race. It is released into the mill pond which feeds through the sluice gate and over the water wheel, causing it to turn. The water wheel then drives the mill engine and slowly grinds the wheat against the mill stone.

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The wheat used by Ballyminane Mills is sourced locally from Ballyhamilton Farms and is ground slowly between rotating French burr stones. These French burr stones are extremely hard and the process ensures that the wheat germ produced remains intact and that all necessary nutrients are retained.

For more information on the daily operations at mills, or to ask questions about how Uncle Aidan’s Authentic Stone Ground Flour is produced, why not visit the Ballyminane Mills Facebook Page!